US Guaranteed $40 Million Humanitarian Aid To Nigeria


The United States Government has promised  Forty Million United State Dollars ($40 Million) Million in humanitarian assistance to Nigeria. This was revealed by the United States Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, during the Binational Commission in Washington DC.

He also said the United States would review its immigration restrictions on Nigeria once the government improves its information sharing.

He said, “The foreign minister and I discussed how we can tighten our trade ties even further, including in infrastructure investment.  Embracing free-market policies that attract capital – private capital, ensuring consistent enforcement of the law, and doubling down on anti-corruption efforts is the surest way to grow prosperity in Nigeria and all across the region.

I stoutly advised the Nigerian Government to do more to protect its citizens, including religious communities and the humanitarian organisations seeking to assist them.

To aid in this effort, I’m pleased to announce today an additional Forty Million United State Dollars ($40 Million) in humanitarian assistance to Nigeria, adding to the nearly $350m that we provided last year.


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