PRNigeria Publisher Sues ‘Youth Leader’ Over Malicious Allegations


Mr. Yushau Shuaib, the Publisher of PRNigeria, has instituted legal action against Terrence Kuanum, leader of Benue Youth Forum, for accusing him of sponsoring Boko Haram activities after his article titled: ‘A Memo to President Buhari on the Service Chiefs’ went viral in the media.

Terrance in his article titled ”A Rejoinder to an Impenitent Boko Haram Empathizer, Yushau A. Shuaib’s Spleen in Memo to President Buhari on Service Chiefs” described Yushau as “a Boko Haram and Islamic State West African Province terrorists’ empathizer and spy proxy”.

He   assumed that the PRNigeria Publisher has been conscripted and assigned to deploy his pen to up the ante in campaigns for the ouster of the current service chiefs in order to assist Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists.

In a report on Tuesday, Shuaib refuted the allegation, describing it as a smear campaign with a sinister Boko-Haram sympathiser labelled against him in order to provide an alibi for possible attacks and elimination by elements being sponsored for nefarious activities.

He said he has also noticed some strange movements in his vicinity, which prompted him to alert the security service. I have already alerted the security agencies and instructed my lawyers to institute legal action against Terrence Kuanum over the false and malicious allegation he labeled against me. He will have an opportunity to prove all the allegations in the court of law.

Uptill now, Shuaib wondered why several media that did not publish the original memo found it worthwhile to report the response with a spurious motive and malignant intent.

He added, “Surprisingly, some of the media that didn’t publish my original article went ahead to publish the libellous rejoinder of about 3000 words.”

Shuaib said his reports are only aimed at promoting the fight against insurgency and protecting national security.

He also revealed that he had been under pressure not to further disclose the list of over 20 towns recovered by troops during the President Goodluck Jonathan administration in his articles.


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