Old Man Banished by Residents For Impregnating His Daughter in Nnewi


An unidentified old man in his early 70s has been banished from his hometown Okija, Otolo Nnewi in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State for allegedly impregnating his daughter.

According to residents, the pregnancy resulted in the birth of a baby boy. One of the picture showed his daughter still had a less than a year old baby boy, the man has also impregnated her again, wonders shall never end.

The residents sent both the father, daughter and baby out of the community to an unknown destination.

According to the Residents, the wife of the man died many years ago, he now decides to find comfort in the arms of his daughter.

The lady got pregnant for the first time and the residents of the community started investigating the matter when the rumour spread around the entire village like a wild fire.

Fresh palm fronds were tied round the man’s neck and his daughter’s legs as signs that they had engaged in an abominable act.

Imagine his grandchild is now his child?


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