Night Grazing Has Been Banned – Miyetti Allah


The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, an umbrella group of herdsmen in Nigeria, has disclosed that night grazing is now prohibited for its members.

This was done as part of finding lasting solution to clash between farmers and herdsmen in different regions of  Nigeria.

The decision, which was taken at the Association’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 8th January, 2020 in Yobe State, also saw the organisation ban grazing by minors and hawking of cow and cattle milk and products by teenage girls.

The Association’s National Secretary, Baba Uthman relating to journalists after the meeting, said that the decision will be communicated to every member of the group including those at the grassroots.

He further said; this is a decision that has been taken by the highest decision making body of the association. 

“As it is taken here, it will go down the ladder down to our members at the grassroots.

All the herdsmen will be informed and sensitized about this development.


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