Nigerian Military Doesn’t Have The Manpower And Technology To Defeat Boko Haram — Governor, Babagana Zulum


Babagana Zulum, the governor of Borno State, has expressed concern over the lack of manpower, equipment and technology by the Nigerian Government to fight Boko Haram terrorists. 

The governor expressed his fret on Wednesday 19th February, 2020 when he hosted members of the House of Reps committee on Defence in the state. Saying that; Nigerians almost celebrated the demise of Boko Haram in the year 2016 and 2017. 

It is well known that the Federal Government has done well under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari. At a time, about 20 local government areas were displaced but after May 29, 2015, almost all the roads were opened and the local government retrieved from the dreaded Terrorists. Meanwhile, between March 2019 till date, we have experienced horrific and simultaneous attacks throughout the state.

“I therefore, plead with Mr. President Buhari and as well as the Nigerian military to revisit the strategy used during 2016/2017 that we were almost celebrating the demise of Boko Haram so that we can deal with the insurgents once and for all.

Believe it or not, the bitter truth is that, the military doesn’t have the manpower; they don’t have the equipment, they don’t have the technology. Kindly advise the Speaker and the Senate President to tell Buhari to approve the massive recruitment of soldiers.

With the current state of Terrorism in the country, we need about one hundred thousand (100,000) more to be recruited into the Nigerian Army. They should come and employ the locals whether they have western education or not.

We should tell ourselves the truth, you cannot fight this war without manpower, technology and proper funding.

One important thing that we have to do is to take the fight into their enclaves. The whereabouts of the Boko Haram are known to all of us. It is known to the military, it is known to the people of Borno State. it is known to everyone.


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