Lagos University Students Injured During Exam Stampede


Some students have been injured in a stampede that occurred at the Lagos State University.

The incident that took place on Monday during a GNS 102 examination at the new ICT Centre near Faculty of Management Sciences of the university, has been confirmed by the spokesperson of the University Adekoya Ademola.

According to him, he said; the course is the last paper expected to be taken by the 100-level students for the 2018/2019 academic session second semester examinations. It is just a small incident blown out of proportion. They are new students, who want to have a feel of the new ICT Centre.

Instead of some of the students to come tomorrow, they all wanted to take their examination there today. They wanted to write the exam so that they can rush home because it is their last paper.

In the process of the examination, there was a stampede and some of them sustained minor injuries. The injured students were rushed immediately to the health centre to take treatment, meanwhile, all of them have been discharged and they have gone back to their homes.


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