Company Demands Apology Over Invasion Of Premises By ICPC Operatives


Pinnacle Communications Limited has demanded an official apology from the Independent Corrupt Practices (ICPC) and other related offences Commission over an invasion of its office by operatives of the commission.

Some operatives of the ICPC had stormed the Abuja office of the company over an alleged tax evasion offence after receiving a request from the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

In its reply to the ICPC, Pinnacle condemned the position of the anti-graft agency, stating that the company does not evade tax.

Referring to an earlier statement by the ICPC, Abayomi Oyelola, Solicitor to Pinnacle, said that the responses were grossly inaccurate, misleading and aimed to hurt Pinnacle’s image.

Oyelola added that it was clear that the commission’s operatives did not stumble on the firm’s property as claimed but rather intentionally invaded Pinnacle.

Oyelola said, “Since the companies mentioned in the ICPC responses are different from Pinnacle and plots quoted different from that of Pinnacle, there was no reason, whatsoever, for the operatives to violently insist on gaining entrance into the building to effect an arrest and seal the firm.

“From the foregoing therefore, it is obvious that Mr Akeem Lawal, on behalf of ICPC either did not get his facts rights or he is being mischievous and so he is the one who has acted in bad faith and not Pinnacle Communications or Abayomi Oyelola.

“We therefore encourage the commission, since it has admitted the invasion, to tender an apology as Pinnacle Communications demands.”


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